Rajendra Rice and General Mills: A Deep Dive Into India’s Premier Basmati Rice Exporter and Manufacturer

India has more than 46 million hectares of land under cultivation, with states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Haryana producing more than 130 million metric tons. With most of the best rice mills present in India, Rajendra Rice & General Mills stands among the best exporters in the country. We deliver the best culinary experience by selling high-quality basmati varieties like Limited 1121 Extra Long Grain authentic basmati rice, Limited 1121 Golden Sella Extra Long Grain authentic basmati rice, Limited 1121 Diamond Sella Extra Long Grain authentic basmati rice, and other authentic basmati rice varieties such as 1401, 1509, and 1718, as well as non-basmati rice varieties.

History and Present of Rajendra Rice and General Mills

The family business spread its wings in rice cultivation during the 17th century.

After the Indo-Pak partition, rice cultivation shifted to Tohana, Haryana. In 1977, the family started the rice trading company.

1986 witnessed the setting up of RR&GM’s first rice mill to provide the finest quality basmati rice to customers. The company has age-old experience in basmati rice cultivation and is aware of which grain will be best for consumption.

In 1990, the company became one of the leading 1121 basmati rice manufacturers and specialized in the 1121 variety.

The year 2000 marked a solid turn in the company’s work, as we set up the rice production unit using the best Japanese technology to produce and process the finest quality basmati rice. In 2022, RR&GM was among the top rice mills in India, producing 470 metric tons daily. The company stands among the few rice mills in the country that can produce five different varieties of basmati rice simultaneously. There are two major plants and six state-of-the-art technology production lines to provide the purest forms of basmati rice.

RR&GM Family has been in rice cultivation for the last 283 years, 44+ years in rice trading, and in rice milling for over 36 years. The company is FSSAI, GMP, APEDA, and Cleanliness certified. The company has a global presence through partner firms and indirect sales of high-quality basmati rice.

Varieties of Basmati Rice Offered

The various rice varieties offered by RR&GM are 1121, 1401, 1509, 1718, PR 14, etc. Out of these, 1121, 1401, 1509, and 1718 are the best-quality basmati rice varieties, and PR 14 (Parmal Rice 14) is a non-basmati rice variety.

1121 is an export-quality rice variety, and 1401 is a highly aromatic basmati rice variety. 1509 is known as the short-duration aromatic basmati rice quality, whose seed matures in 120 days, giving an average yield of 25 q/ha. Moreover, 1718 is an improved version of the PUSA 1121 basmati rice, and its seed also takes less time to mature.

The non-basmati rice PR 14, grown mostly in North India, has an aromatic taste and is one of the richest sources of nutrition since it is low in fat.

These rice varieties are mostly grown in the areas of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, etc. If you are looking for the best-quality rice variety, you can partner with RR&GM known for modern processes and unique packaging.

Superior Quality Rice Products

There are a lot of basmati rice products offered in India. RR&GM is among the best basmati rice exporters in Tohana, offering high-quality rice products. Read on to find out more about our various rice bag offerings:

  1. T20zzz

Flavor your biryani or the Indian dessert kheer with the special T20zzz traditional varieties that enhance the taste of your dishes. Its grain length is 8.38 mm. You can prepare the rice for the best occasions, especially Indian festivals. This rice offering provides a perfect taste and aroma. You can find this product at your local stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.

  1. Soil India

The company manufactures authentic long-grain rice using natural fertile ground with the best Indian soil. The Soil India rice is an aged and authentic long-grain rice with a grain length of 8.38 mm. The rice grown is almost non-touched by chemicals. It brings a true aroma to your pulao and biryani.

  1. Jai Hind

RR & GM is the best rice mill in India that produces the special rice offering grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. The texture, taste, and aroma of this rice offering will delight your guests, as it is purely Indian and of the highest quality. It is an authentic long-grained rice with a length of 8.38 mm.

  1. Tohana Star

It is a leading rice bag offering, which has a rich flavor and gives a good color to your biryani or pulao. It has the longest fine grains, with a length of 8.38mm. This Limited 1121 basmati rice variety imparts authentic flavor and taste to every bite you take.

  1. Irha Rice Brand

Irha rice brand is naturally processed, adulteration-free, non-sticky, and vegan. Each grain is picked, cleaned, and dehusked. Irha Brand rice is a long-grain basmati rice that has a length of 8.40 mm which is very rarely available in the rice market. There are five different varieties Irha Rare Basmati White Rice, Irha Long Grain Basmati White Rice, Irha Pearl Basmati White Rice, Irha Unique Brown Rice, and Irha Young Brown Rice. It is one of the most luxurious rice brands in town right now.

Why Choose Rajendra Rice & General Mills? 

  1. You can use RR&GM rice products to enhance your culinary experience by using them for preparing Indian biryani or kheer, Turkish rice pilaf, or Japanese dish sushi. The versatile uses of these rice products make RR&GM the first choice for housewives, chefs, or hotel owners. Serve your guests with lip-smacking dishes made from premium quality basmati rice.
  2. RR&GM’s basmati rice products undergo a strict quality check procedure to determine that every batch of rice is free from defects and contaminants. We are known for trustworthiness and consistent delivery of 100% pure quality products.
  3. The whole process of cleaning, paddy separation, and rice shelling is done at the company’s plant. The packaging is done uniformly using modern, state-of-the-art technology.
  4. There is no mixing in the purity of the basmati rice, and these varieties are sold at a marginal price to retailers, wholesalers, private label partners, HORECA, International Export Houses, etc.
  5. The company’s state-of-the-art processes preserve the natural aroma, texture, and tenderness of the rice grain. RR&GM offers exceptional quality basmati rice products that are premium in nature. It also makes us unique from the competitors.

Partner with one of the best basmati rice mills in India and get premium quality basmati rice consistently throughout the year. Call us today for a quote or any trade enquiries.