At RRM, we not only focus on strengthening our manufacturing units but also in collaborating with retailers & distributors to grow together as a community. We are a full-service distribution company focused on value and innovation. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring quality rice to every corner of the globe.


We value just everyone and anyone equally. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, private label entrepreneur, or an exporter, we have got your back!



We provide just any quality and consistent quantity of basmati rice as the production capacity of the mills is above 350 tones per day, all year round. We can run 4 different qualities simultaneously.

02Our Strong Base

We are located in the region of Tohana which is well renowned for its premium basmati rice crop.

03Marginal Prices

RRM can supply the best quality pure basmati rice at very marginal prices with our promise of no mixing.


We source the best quality which is uniform, as we have our own fields and mills, therefore, the entire process from sourcing the crop to packaging is done by us.


As the premium millers of rice, we can handle bulk orders very well. We offer our products in bulk to our esteemed clients based across India with our collection centers and procurement offices spread across key markets. One of the biggest challenges for wholesalers today is to find premium rice but at low costs. Our production capacity of the units is above 350 tones per day, which helps us produce rice in large quantities and in varying varieties as well. As we produce in large quantities, we aim to make this produce available to wholesalers at low costs. Not only that, we offer a wide range of brown and white rice to choose from, for wholesale purposes. Banking on our reliable network, we are capable of delivering your consignment in the stipulated time frame as well.


Our business collaborations are primarily bifurcated in 5 key segments - Wholesale, Retail, Horeca, Private Labelling, and Exports.


When we process rice in our mills, Our aim is to take consumers of our rice on a culinary adventure every time they eat our finely produced rice. The rice that we produce today is well known for its exquisite aroma, superfine kernels, exclusive taste, and Silky Texture. We, at RRM, understand how Hotel Chains, Restaurants and Caterers are not just looking for rice that is relished by their costumes but looking for rice that leaves an everlasting experience to get recurring customers. We value these aspirations and endeavour to foresee their demands and cater to their needs. We make our products available to Horeca with flexible and easy terms to position them strong in the industry.


We are working directly with Retailers to show they can supply and promote healthy rice while still making a profit. Convenience stores, local business owners, Kiryana stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. are extremely important settings that cater to consumers directly. We want our nutritious produce to reach the customers as much as retailers do and that is exactly why we provide as much support from our end as we can. Currently, there are some small brands that are solely based on our rice and are achieving great success. One of the challenges for retailers today is to find wholesalers or suppliers that are willing to supply products in lower margins of quantities (MOQ). We aim to strengthen these businesses by providing marginal prices for our products and by offering low MOQs for rice.



We are the millers of Basmati Rice marching ahead with premium quality of international standards. We understand the hassle that comes in with exporting products and are well aware of the various needs of exporters such as sampling products, transparent procedures and products, and easy payment terms.

At RRM, we understand how an exporter is extremely cautious of the quality that it exports and thereby we provide sampling options to get the best products. We offer varying varieties of rice that can be sampled by you.

Not only that, we understand how important transparency is to an exporter and ensure maximum transparency at all stages. From product description to the procedure to produce, everything is made 100% clear to the exporter to make well-informed decisions. At RRM, we value communicating the right details while collaborating with exporters.


Private Labelling

As a brand owner, you strive to look out for the best quality and that is what we bring to you. Every private label partnership that we forge is driven by experience, quality, and expertise.

As a leading miller and marketer of rice, we at RRM have aged with experience and there is uniqueness and forte in our ability to provide the best quality rice. We understand the challenges of a private brand that is either wanting to start up or expand. It takes a lot to build a unique identity in the market and that’s why we offer only the best of our products.

With RRM, you would be assured that the product going into your package will always live up to the name. We strengthen private brands by providing 100% quality products, flexibility in choosing their packaging, and by catering to the customizing needs.